Hennessy Bro Homes Ltd.

Custom Home Builds, Renovations & Additions

About the Project

This project was a logo design and visual identity for Hennessy Bro Homes Ltd. Based in Vancouver, BC.

The logo Incorporates the letter “H” for Hennessy and contains the shape of a house in the negative space. The thick serifs echo the strong foundations of a well built house.

logo design squamish
logo design squamish

Colour Palette

The main colours chosen for the Hennessy Homes project are neutral. The dark value of Jaguar and the light value of Silver. This combination communicates class, quality and a timelessness important to the brand.

The accent colour is blue with turquoise. This colour was chosen to differentiate from competitiors and align with the brands values of trust, integrity and responsibility. 

construction branding squamish


Gotham’s letterforms are influenced by architectural signage that achieved acceptance during the mid-twentieth century.

Naturally, this typeface was an appropriate choice for the company. It has a modern feel and communicates the qualities of strong and solid construction.