Howe Sound Brewing

Welcome to Sea to Sky Country

About the Project

Howe Sound Brewing opened it’s doors in 1996 in Squamish, BC. Since then, HSB has set it’s place as one of BC’s favourite craft breweries, winning awards at the Canadian Brewing Awards, North American Brewer’s Awards & BC Beer Awards.

We have worked with the Howe Sound Brewery since 2018 and created over 30 different label designs. Here are some of their recent releases.

Robust Porter Series

Rich, malty & toasty, the robust porter series is made up of four unique flavours: Sea salt, habanero fudge, raspberry & vanilla bean. Coloured illustrations of the ingredients differentiate each ale.

"Worked with Dream State to design Beer labels for Howe Sound Brewing and they were always great to take ideas and rework ideas until we were both happy with the result!"
Simon Jongsma
Head Brewer, Howe Sound Brewing

Double Barrel Series

The direction for these labels was to have clean, simple and classy imagery. We used abstract watercolours and metallic bopp printing to add a shimmering line drawing of a mountain in gold and silver.

MONOLITH is a constantly evolving series of flavours, folding in on itself and revealing delicate new complexities with each sip. Toffee, treacle, and candied apples all emerge, with raisins, plums, and myriad other flavours dancing on the edge of perception. It displays a moderate bitterness, subtle heat, and rich, alluring aroma. 12.4% abv⁠

STORM WATCHING has a sweet aroma, with vanilla bean and dark chocolate emerging the strongest, but supported by additional complexities of honey, oak, espresso, hazelnut, almond milk, nutmeg, and blueberry. 10.4% abv⁠

Cat’s Pyjamas

The Cat’s Pyjamas is a series of hard seltzers featuring dancing cat illustrations. The summer flavours are lemon, ginger and açai, pomegranate. For the winter release, a unique “black seltzer” was made with brown sugar, blackstrap molasses, and a debittered black malt extract, lending it a dark colour.⁠