Vantage Digital Media

Visual Brand Identity

This project was to design the logo and visual identity for the company. Vantage is a Squamish based video production company specializing in short format marketing videos for online promotional content, specifically for real estate, and small to medium sized online retailers.

They needed a logo and identity that would be appropriate for the variety of industries they operate in, from real estate to adventure sports.  It needed to be professional but not corporate. It needed to convey that the company is modern, creative, savvy and efficient.

It is our mission to provide our clients with clear, concise, and visually appealing marketing solutions for today that is both affordable and reflective of their brand.

What the Icon Stands for

The icon combines the two services Vantage provides. A speech bubble for their marketing and a video camera for their cinematography and media services.

Logo Construction

The logo was constructed with angles of only 90° and 45°. The  radius of the corners were decided by using circles with the golden ratio of 1.618.


For this project, we chose these values of black, white and red to be the primary brand colours. The red was chosen for it’s associations to boldness, energy and excitement, qualities intrinsic to the brand.

The red also alludes to the flashing red light on a video camera when filming live.


Helvetica Neue, also known as Neue Helvetica, is a 1983 reworking of the original typeface.

This typeface was selected for it’s beautiful construction and clarity as well as it’s flexibilty. A face was needed which would work well in very different environments.

This being the corporate and real estate industries which Vantage operates in as well as within the context of their adventure sports projects. Helvetica Neue is an appropriate choice for all these environments.

"Fantastic service. Contracted Dream State Design to do a logo for a subsidiary of our business and we received exactly what we were looking for. Turn around was quick, and Joel was able to make same day revisions to turn a great draft into a perfect final. We are looking forward to working with Dream State again in the future, and we definitely recommend them."

Braden Dean

Vantage Digital Media