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We help small and medium sized businesses craft an online presence that truly represents their brand.

What do you need?

Some people need a simple, reliable page to share information with their customers. Others need a user-friendly ecommerce store. And some need a complex web application. When it comes to your website, we can build what you need, with your brand in mind.

WordPress or Shopify

Do you need a website that’s easy to update or sell products on?

Light & Fast

Do you need a simple, informational site that loads extremely fast? 

Web App

Do you need a custom web application?


Do you need a website that’s easy to update or sell products on?

WordPress is the go-to website builder for the everyday person who needs a website. If you need an ecommerce site, Shopify is your answer. Both WordPress and Shopify provide an interface to make it easy to update the site’s content or products. Building a visually appealing site from scratch can be a daunting task, however. We can set one up for you and get it rolling so that you can focus on your business.

Because WordPress and Shopify sites are so versatile and user-friendly, they tend to load slower. These sites are best suited for someone who wants an ecommerce store or a site that is easy to update without having technical knowledge.


Do you need a quick, informational site that loads extremely fast?

We can create a site that runs from a minimal amount of code using the Bootstrap framework. These sites are ideal for displaying information with minimal functionality. Because they’re so lightweight, they load very fast. Fast loading is ideal for user experience and ranking high in Google searches. Another advantage is how cheap these sites can be to host. With Github Pages, a site like this can be hosted for free.

These sites are best suited for businesses that offer physical services and simply want to advertise their services on the web. See JB Builders for an example of this kind of site.


Do you need a custom web application?

If your website requires special functionality such as a booking system or a database for storing client information, we can build you a completely custom web app. We integrate your brand in the design of the application from the ground up.

This option is for a business who has a very specific function in mind for their website. You need to track clients, store information, pass data back and forth, or anything else. Your website needs to be unique, function flawlessly, and be designed impeccably. See Truth Staking for a crypto web app example.

our Latest


This was a fully responsive web design and development project for Staynor Social, a business consulting and talent management service. The client needed a website that was professional enough to appeal to their corporate clients but modern and approachable enough for their influencer clients.

The site required a clean, simple and corporate yet modern design. We began in Adobe Xd with wireframes to decide on site structure, then moved to high fidelity prototyping in the same program. After the client was happy with the prototype, we began developing the site in WordPress. You can visit Staynor Social here

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"I hired Dream State Design to build my business consulting and talent management website. The project included special features such as custom graphics and I was blown away by the results! The site was exactly on-time, on-budget and perfectly matched my vision. Joel is an exceptional communicator with the ability to execute high-level websites. I will definitely be recommending Dream State Design to my corporate clients."
Rebecca Staynor
Owner, Staynor Social
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We are designers and builders. We believe strong, engaging websites start from a foundation of principled design and function. You can get a website for $100 done today, but you probably won’t be happy with it. Before we make anything, we gain a deep understanding your business. Our strategy is to work closely and communicate often with business owners who are growing their business online.

You know the experience of a good website. You might not know exactly why it’s good, but it feels right. These are the websites that we create. Our team consists of designers and developers with highly principled attitudes. We make things look good, and we make things work well. We create quality sites that align with your vision, we do it right the first time, and we deliver in a timely fashion.

If you appreciate the way we operate, then we can work with most budgets.


"Super helpful on the website enhancements and optimizations I needed. Great results too - higher search rankings, increased traffic, and a boost in sales! Kris was very knowledgeable, prompt, and professional. Would recommend!!"
Ty Hartwig
Mechanical Designer - C3 Powersports
"Thus far I've had them do logos, business cards, a word-mark, website design and images for my website. In particular Joel has been helpful with the overall brand, getting clear on the feeling of what we want to create visually, including: colors, fonts and images etc. Highly recommend this team for anything design and brand in Squamish."
Sean Galla
Founder - MensGroup.com